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Restoring America's DNA is our Passion and our Mission. God, Family, and Country is not a catchy phrase to us, it is how we live! We take it serious, but have a TON of FUN living as FREE Americans!  We owe our freedom to our heavenly Father for giving the fore fathers of this great country the insight to stand up against the chains of religious tyranny and fight for our right to be Christians! We also owe this freedom to every man and woman who has fought and served this great nation to maintain freedom to the free as well as bringing liberty to many around the world! For this reason our American Veterans are our great passion! 

We didn't set out to become a Social Enterprise but we recognized a huge problem within our veteran community and decided we could help. Realizing that 20% of our states homeless vets live in our county we decided to give $1 of every item sold to our homeless Veterans. 

We are actively doing this by connecting with the Wabash Valley Office of Veteran Affairs. We researched with great diligence to find an avenue to get $$ to our Vets with little to zero dollars going to admin costs.  Our patience has paid off as 100% of collective giving goes to this Veteran community for shoes, hygiene supplies, job interview prep, PTSD trained dogs and many more items. We are proud to say $1 from every item sold (not every purchase, but every item) goes to Restoring America's Servants, our Homeless Veterans!


Our founder/owner believes in the hardworking spirit that build this great country. That is why we have taken “Restoring America’s DNA” as our mission.  We believe it is important to do things the right way for the right reasons, and that when we prefer our American brothers and sisters to ourselves, the holes that have been worn in the fabric of this great nation begins to weave a patch that will make this country stronger and greater than ever. 


Purchasing one of our products promotes the healing of our great Nation. It tells the world that you are in agreement with the importance of being a person of integrity, hard working with great ideas, and an individual that appreciates the freedoms that this country has afforded many! 


Hickerbilly is not just a brand, it’s a mission of restoration. 


Restoring America’s DNA

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